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Museu do Côa


Open to the public since July 30, 2010, the Côa Museum offers visitors a trip back in time to the dawn of the development of mankind, when the first attempts at symbolic representation framed by a new relationship of man with nature and the emergence of Culture. Three rooms of contextualization and thematic introduction to expository and four rooms where we present the monographic treatment of the rock art in the Coa Valley.

The Côa Museum relies on different ways of presenting content. The solution adopted reflects, admittedly, the use of multimedia technologies, together with the use of photography and design. Associated with a careful display of found objects and are used images of engravings and archaeological sites of the Coa Valley, an environment created for new media and readings.


Museu do Côa
Rua do Museu 5150-610 Vila Nova de Foz Côa
Phone:  +351 279 768 260
Fax: +351 279 768 270

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GPS: 41° 4'50.82"N   7° 6'35.24"W


10:00-13:30 | 14:00-17:30

The Museum ticket office closes 30m before closing

Archaeological Park
9am - 12:30pm; 14pm - 17:30pm

Periods of closure of the Park and CôaMuseum:
Mondays, January 1, Easter Sunday, May 1, Christmas Day


Visits to the Museum Côa (unit price)
- Visit to the Côa Museum - 5 €
- Visit to the Museum on Sundays and public holidays from 14h00 to 17h00 - 2.5 €
- Visit to the Museum on Sundays and public holidays from 14h00 to 17h00 for the population living in counties AMVC (see note 3) - 1 €
- Visit to the Museum Côa outside normal opening - 10 €
- Visit a Core + Museum (see note 1) - 12 €

Visits to the Côa Valley (unit price)
- Visit a Center of Rock Art - 10 €
- Children between 3 and 16 years (school age) - 2.50 €
- Night Visit, minimum of 4 people (see note 1) - 17 €
- Visit "On the Trail of Paleolithic hunters," at least 4 people (see note 1) - 15 €
- Pedestrian Visit, minimum of 10 people (see note 1) - 5 € - Bicycle Tour, (children up to 16 years have 50% discount), minimum of 10 people (see note 1) - 5 €
- Visit on All-road Vehicle in participants car, at least 10 people and maximum of 25 (see note 1, exceptionally no charge for children under the age of 12 years). The price may accrue extra activities - 5 €
- Visit All-road+ Museum - 8 €


The Côa Museum recently opened, intends to be complementary to the visit to the Rock Art Centers Coa Valley, as an important educational resource for schools of all levels of education not only in disciplines such as history, Geography or Art Studies but also encompassing content that relate to geology, biology or the Image and Communication, among other disciplines.