Vila Real

Vila Real is the capital of the High Douro.It is located in the district of Trás-os-Montes near the mountains of Marão and Alvão on the right bank of the river Corgo a tributary of the Douro.

With its fertile and productive lands, Vila Real has traces of human occupation since the Paleolithic. Old Roman occupation of the region can be found in places like Santurário of Panóias.

Vila Real was founded in 1289 by King Denis of Portugal. Its privileged location, at the intersection of roads Porto - Braçança and Viseu - Chaves allows sustained growth. The presence, from the seventeenth century of Casa dos Marqueses, makes many court nobles fix here too. As witnessed by several Coats of Arms with the titles of nobility from its owners.

Near Vila Real is the Mateus Palace, with baroque architecture attributed to Nasoni. The area of ​​the palace is superb, with  wonderful gardens, with a pond ans several exotic botanicals.

The University of Trás-os-Montes is located in Vila Real, and attracted young people to the city that has given a new life to the city.

In gastronomy we can find the Veal, Baked Lamb, Maronesa Meat, Ball of Meat and Sausages. The pastry is rich in desserts: the bowls of Orange, the Pasteis de Santa Clara and the Cristas de Galo.

What to visit:

  • Mateus Palace
  • Sanctuary of Panóias
  • St. Dominic's Church - Cathedral
  • Church of Clerics
  • St. Peter's Church
  • House of Diogo Cão
  • Museum of Archaeology and Numismatics of Vila Real
  • Alvão Natural Park
  • Marão Moutains

  • Feast of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, Sunday of Pascoela
  • St. Peter's Fair (or Pucarinhos), 27-29 June.
  • Pilgrimage of Senhora da Pena, on the second Sunday of September.
Church of São Domingos

Mateus Palace