Porto is the largest city in northern Portugal. Also known as the Invicta City is the city that gave its name to Portugal. In 200 BC was called Portus Cale and became years later the capital of Condado Portucalense. It is a city internationally known for its wine, the Port Wine, its historic center is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its football club, FC Porto.

In 1415, the population of Porto offered the fleet that left to conquest Ceuta all meat available, and were left only with the guts. With them they made a tasty dish that is now a mandatory menu in any restaurant in town, the "Tripas à moda do Porto".

The Port is a highly touristic city, and its historic center is a World Heritage site listed by UNESCO. Among the sights stand out from the Tower of the Clerics by Nicolau Nasoni, the Cathedral, and the area of ​​Ribeira and Foz, the Bolhão market, São Bento station, among many others.

What to visit:
  • Historic Centre of Porto, World Heritage Site
  • Tower of Clerics
  • Cathedral
  • São Bento train station
  • The Ribeira
  • Bolhão Market
  • Serralves
  • House of Music
  • Stock Market Palace (Palácio da Bolsa)
and also:
  • Magestic Café
  • Lello Bookshop


Porto. Rabelo Boats and D. Luis Bridge

Cathedral of Porto

São Bento Train Station