Barca d'Alva

Barca d'Alva, is a village situated in a beautiful valley on the left bank of the Douro, near the border with Spain and inserted into the National Park of Douro International .

Barca D'Alva developed with the construction of Douro Railway in the nineteenth century and consequent rail link to Spain (Fregeneda) that allowed a connection to the rest of Europe. The border station of Barca d'Alva also had a customs post, customs guard and a hotel.

In 1988 the station was turned off and also the rail link to Spain.

The land around Barca D'Alva are very rich in agriculture, with crops such as olive groves, vineyards and almond.

Barca D'Alva is since the construction of its river dock a staging of the Douro cruises being the limit of the Douro navigation channel. It is a region with beautiful landscapes, inserted in the Natural Park of Douro International and is also known for almond blossom.

What to visit in Barca d'Alva:

Railway Station
Almond Flower Festival

Barca D'Alva Bridge