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Mateus Palace

Casa de Mateus
Casa de Mateus e Jardim
The Mateus Palace is a Solar built in the eighteenth century, one of the finest representatives of the Baroque in Portugal.

Its construction has the signature of Nasoni, known by the construction of the Tower of the Clerics in Porto. The palace consists of the main house, the gardens, a winery and a chapel.

Inside the house we can find a library, in which stands out, among the many books, an illustrated edition of the celebrated Lusiadas of Luís de Camões, published in 1816. Several pieces of furniture, rugs, tableware and garments can be found in the various divisions.


The Mateus Palace was built in the first half of the eighteenth century by Antonio Jose Botelho Mourao, 3rd Morgado of Mateus. It replaced the family home existing on site in the early seventeenth century. In 1911 is classified as a National Monument.

The baroque architecture of Italian style, is attributed to Nasoni for consistency of style and resemblance to other works of his own. According to Robert Smith, an expert in his work, the architect will have dedicated to building the house, or at least its central facade and decor, the years between 1739 to 1743.

The sculpture of John Cutileiro, who sleeps on the lake since 1981, is now a part of the House image.


The Mateus Palace is situated about 3 kms from Vila Real. You can park your car for free in front of the main entrance or one of the side streets of the palace. Parking inside the palace is paid.

Upon entering, you can find the ticket office to your right and a dirt road surrounded by trees. When passing by the path, the trees open up and a lovely view of the palace of Matthew and its lake appears. It's an image worthy of a postcard.

Following around the lake, you can go to the main house. Guided tours begin at the Cellar, located to the left of the palace. The gardens have access through the ground floor of the house, next to the stables or circling the palace by his right.

Since the visits begin in defined schedules, the visitor can wait visiting the gardens. The gardens are magnificently arranged and outlined with green tripe and formal flowerbeds. A tunnel of cedars covers the rising staircase in front of which there is a lake.


From May to October, from 9:00 to 19:30.
From November to April, from 9.00 to 18.00.

Closes to the public on December 25.

More information: www.casademateus.com




Main Entrance

Cellar and Chapel

Prices 2017 :

1 - GENERAL VISIT - €11.50 (nine euros and fifty cents) per person - Guided tour inside the House, Chapel and New Spaces Expository, plus free visit to the Gardens.
2 - VISIT GARDENS - 8.00 € (six euros) per person. - Free visit to the gardens that surround the house of Matthew.
3 - VISIT WINERY - € 1.00 (one euro) per person (value that accrues to point 1 or 2) - will visit the Casa de Mateus cellar where wines are produced today.
4 - WINE TASTING - 4.00 € (four euros) per person. (Value in addition to point 1 or 2, and must point 3) - will be given to taste red and white wines of the Company Feitoria Farmers, Farm Wines, SA to which we are associated. In total, the data show five different wines.
5 - PORT WINE TASTING - 5.00 € (five euros) per person. (Value in addition to point 1 or 2) - The proof is in the tasting of three wines of Porto produced by us, they are the LBV 2003, the Vintage 2005 and Vintage 2006 Quinta da Costa of Aguaneiras.

All visits are guided inside the house can not be more than 10 groups of people, or more than 6 groups simultaneously. The cards generally have a duration of about 60 minutes.

Note: in May 2017 prices will be updated.