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Yacht Booking

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Cenários D'Ouro, S.A.

R.N.A.V.T nr 2311
Yacht Booking

To book your Cruise please fill in the form.

All information will be sent directly to the booking office of Cenários D'Ouro SA (Tour Operator) that will:
  • Check the availability of the Cruise
  • Send an e-mail confirmation with payment options
  • After payment to the Tour Operator the tickets/vouchers will be issued.

Yacht Cruises

 Duration  Operator  Price
 FeelDouro - Porto Funny
from 420€
 FeelDouro - Porto Pleasure
from 480€
 FeelDouro - Pinhão Funny
from 520
 FeelDouro - Pinhão Pleasure 3h
from 640
 Yacht Enigma 4h
upon request
 Yacht Winds of Fortune 4h

upon request

Booking Form
Privacy policy: All information gathered will be treated as confidential and shared exclusively with the tourist operator Cenários D'Ouro, SA