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Douro River Cruise - Cruzeiro Panorâmico - Régua / Pinhão / Régua

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  Cruzeiro Panorâmico
Bookings - Daily Cruises
Cruise Régua / Pinhão / Régua

Ascend by Boat, Descend by Bus

Price per person: 32
Children under 3 years old: Free
Children between 4 and 11 years old: 50% discount, when traveling with an adult.

Fluvial Operator:

Rota do Douro

Availability: Monday to Sunday from April to October


15:30 Shipping at Régua Quay

Departure to Pinhão

Bagaúste Dam (flood-gate, unlevelling 27 meters)

Arrival at Pinhão

Free time

Travel by Bus to Régua

19:00 Arrival at Régua

End of our services

Bookings by :

Cenários D'Ouro, S.A.


Quinta do Tedo and
Tedo river mouth

Quinta das Carvalhas
- Pinhão -