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Douro River Cruise - Douro Aventura A - Régua / Barca d'Alva / Régua (Sundays)

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Douro Aventura A
Cruise Régua / Barca d'Alva / Régua


Price per person: 104€

Children from 0 to 3 years old: Free
Children from 4 to 11 years old: 50% discount

Fluvial Operator:

Available Dates: Sundays, from April to October


Shipping at Régua Quay

Departure to Barca d'Alva

Bagaúste Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 28 meters)

Arrival at Pinhão

Stop for taking / leaving passengers

Valeira Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 32.5 meters)

Appetizer Port Wine

Lunch on Board

Pocinho Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 22 meters)

Arrival at Barca d'Alva Quay
(possible stop)

Return to the Boat. Departure with destination to Pocinho

Snack served on board

Arrival at Pocinho

Transfer by bus to Pocinho Train Station

Return by Train to Régua *

20h30 Arrival at Régua Train Station

End of our services

* Schedule to be confirmed by CP. If the train company fails to provide transport, clients will be transfer by bus.

Bookings by :

Cenários D'Ouro, S.A.

Régua bridges

Barca d'Alva

Barca d'Alva