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Bookings - Sailboat Cruises

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Cenários D'Ouro, S.A.

R.N.A.V.T nr 2311

Bookings - Sailboat Cruises

To Book your Cruise please fill in the form below.

All information will be sent directly to the booking office of Cenários D'Ouro SA (Tour Operator) that will:
  • Check the availability of the Cruise
  • Send an e-mail confirmation with payment options
  • After payment to the Tour Operator the tickets/vouchers will be issued.

 Sailboat Cruise

 Operator  Price / person
 Sailboat Cruise - Natural 2h

from 60€
 Sailboat Cruise - Sunset 2h30

 87,50€ *
*minimum 2 persons

 Douro à Vela - Experience 2h
 147€ *
*minimum 2 persons
 Douro à Vela - Lunch on board 3h
  Folgosa / Pinhão / Folgosa
 305€ *
*minimum 2 persons
 Douro à Vela - Living the Douro - Visit and Lunch at Quinta Nova
Navigation in sailboat, visit to Quinta Nova, Lunch on Conceitus Winery Restaurant
 382,50€ *
*minimum 2 persons

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Privacy policy: All information gathered will be treated as confidential and shared exclusively with the tourist operator Cenários D'Ouro, SA