Douro Railway Line

The Douro line is a railway line connecting Porto to Barca d'Alva and accompanying Douro River for an extension of 200 kilometers. Along the route can be admired the beautiful landscapes of the Douro, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

The construction of the Douro line ran between 1873 and 1887. The link between Ermesinde and Régua was completed in 1879, and reached Pinhão an year later in 1880. In 1883 started the construction of the section to Barca d'Alva which is inaugurated on December 9, 1887 and, on the same day, opened the connection to the international section that linked to La Fregeneda and Salamanca, allowing a connection to the Spanish railway network.

The Douro Railway Line was a work of great importance for the region as it made possible the creation of an alternative to the Douro River, at that time, the only means of communication in the region. That allowed the regular transport of people and agricultural products, particularly wine, connecting the Alto Douro Transmontano the coast on the Atlantic Ocean.

The international connection was however closed in 1985, and in 1988 it was closed the connection between Pocinho and Barca d'Alva. So today, the Douro line is only open until Pocinho.

The Douro Line and Tourism

Traveling by train in the Douro Line is one of the best ways to know the region.

The path follows the river Douro along its length allowing you to enjoy the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site. The slopes and terraces full of vineyards that are reflected in the river, farms on the riverside constitute a single landscape, and  within this framework the train follows, describing the curves of the river, passing through tunnels and bridges. This is a very beautiful trip that every tourist should do.

Historical Steam Train

Traveling in the Douro line in CP (Comboios de Portugal) Historical Steam Train is like taking a trip to the past. A route along the river, marked by the beauty of the landscape. The steam locomotive 0186, built in 1925 by Henschel & Son, and the 5 historic carriages, travel from Peso da Régua railway station, passing through Pinhão until the Tua station. This is a unique journey into the past.

More information about the Historical Stream Train.

Douro River Cruises

The Douro Cruises combine regular boat trip with the return train. This is the best way to return from the cruises, along the river, enjoying the beautiful scenery that the Douro provides.

Pinhão Railway Station,
with its tile panels depicting the landscapes of the
Douro and the harvest

Douro Railway Line
(photo: andrelima)