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Historic Steam Train

(photo: António Pinto)

Traveling in the Douro line in CP (Comboios de Portugal) Historical Steam Train is like taking a trip to the past. A route along the river, marked by the beauty of the landscape. The steam locomotive 0186, built in 1925 by Henschel & Son, and the 5 historic carriages, travel from Peso da Régua railway station, passing through Pinhão until the Tua station. This is a unique journey into the past.

Information for 2016

One-day programme leaving Régua at 15:21 and returning at 18:39 with a stop at Pinhão, and then on to Tua and back. On-board entertainment with regional singers and musicians and a toast with a glass of Porto Ferreira. You can also try the Régua candies, a tradition for everyone who comes to this part of Portugal.


Saturdays, between 4 June and 22 October 2016.
Sundays, between 3 July and 25 Sptember 2016.
Wednesdays, between 3 and 31 August 2016.
Monday, 15 August 2016.

Programs 2016
Prices and programs will be updated after information from CP for 2017

Douro and the Historic Train
Régua / Pinhão / Tua / Régua

Historic Train + Cruise
from 92,50€ / person

Históric Douro
Régua / Pinhão / Régua

  Historic Train + Cruise
from 67€ / person

Douro Wine Region and
the Historic Train

Porto/ Régua/ Pinhão/ Tua/ Porto

Historic Train + Cruise
126€ / person

Porto / Pinhão /Porto

Historic Train + Cruise
(2 days)
from 235€ / person

Porto / Pinhão / Tua / Régua / Porto

Historic Train + Cruise
(2 days)
273€ / person
Régua / Pinhão / Tua / Régua

Historic Train + Rabelo Boat Cruise
125,50€ / pers